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Milk is a source of vitamin D and calcium

Milk is a source of vitamin D and calcium. So when people were up in old age are able to drink milk yielded a higher survival rate (and therefore a large evolutionary advantage).

It sounds very plausible, but a new study this hypothesis slicing spuds. Scientists collected DNA from the first farmers who lived in sunny Spain and compared it with the DNA of modern Spanish.
Introduction to Kyle Leon
The study shows that the ability to drink milk is on this sunny place just as quickly spread as places where one catches less sunlight.

It suggests that a lack of sunlight is not the driving force behind this skill. Thus, there is playing (yet) for something else. What? Those researchers do not yet know.

Jet lag medicine can be prescribed to people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: disorders in which the day-night rhythm can also be disrupted.
The study has several implications.

“This research may help us understand the negative effects of shift work, jet lag and other conditions in which the sleep rhythm is disturbed,” thinks investigator Derk-Jan Disk.

“The results also suggest that sleep and wake times can be used to influence processes in the body and that can be quite relevant for situations where it is day and night rhythm changes, such as when we get older Use”