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The cause of jetlag

To a disturbed day and night rhythm to walk on you need not necessarily have to travel to the other side of the world: even in your own home the rhythm can be disrupted. For example if your daily activities are contrary to your day and night. We speak also of a social jetlag.
Introduction to Kyle Leon
Not so crazy
“We have discovered a system that prevents the body clock adapts,” says researcher Stuart Pierson. “If you think about it, such a system is not such a bad idea; it makes the clock more stable.” Thanks to the mechanism of the body clock day and night rhythm governs we cannot median all winds.

“The clock must be sure that the signal it receives, right. And if that signal several days in a row pops up at the same time, it probably is true. But that same mechanism also ensures that we cannot adapt so quickly to a new time zone, and thus causes the jet lag. ”
And the study of mice shows that it is possible to impose SIK1. Silent could there finally an effective cure for jet lag on the market can come?

“We are still a few years away from a treatment for jet lag, but understanding the mechanisms that day and night rhythm generating us and arrange, can help us to develop again put our bodies on a par with the solar cycle medications , “says researcher Russell Foster. Such drugs could not be used against the jetlag.