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Cocaine User enjoy less social contact

Cocaine User enjoy less social contact
People who regularly use cocaine may difficult to empathize with others and make themselves less socially on. Scientists have now discovered why that is: social contacts gives cocaine users is not that nice, rewarding feeling that can be experienced non-cocaine users.

Researchers from the University of Zurich gathered a number of subjects: part of regularly used cocaine, the other subjects did not use drugs. Next, the researchers conducted a series of experiments. They watched the subjects responded to joint attention. We speak of shared attention when people look after they have looked at each other along the same object.

Normally this gives people a good feeling. But that showed cocaine users to be different. Joint attention was less rewarding for them than for people who did not use drugs.

In the brains, the researchers looked for an explanation and scanned the brains of subjects. They discovered that the medial orbit frontal cortex – a key part of the reward – was less active in cocaine users.

That the reduced activity of this part of the brain lay behind the fact that the subjects were social contacts less happy evident from the fact that people with limited activity in the medial orbit frontal cortex also had fewer social contacts in recent weeks had.