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Evolutionary advantage of drinking milk remains a mystery

Evolutionary advantage of drinking milk remains a mystery
Milk is good for all, so we. Learned But only a small part of the world can – drink milk without flatulence and cramps – due to strong natural selection.\

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The question that scientists engaged for years, is: what is the great evolutionary advantage drinking milk? A new survey sweeps now what time it most likely answer to that question was off the table.

Most people soon after they get more lactose not breast – the main sugar in milk – digest more. They will then be lactose intolerant. Once they drink milk, they suffer from cramps, bloating and flatulence.

Milk Drinkers
Around one third of the world – primarily people whose ancestors from Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South Asia come – will not be bothered by. These people even when they get older just keep drinking milk. Previous research has shown that people in different parts of the world have developed this skill independently.

That suggests that behind the development of this skill lies a strong natural selection and that drinking milk in these areas has a strong evolutionary advantage. But what advantage is that?
… Ortiz was lactose intolerant?
The sun is one of the most plausible hypotheses states that it has everything to do with the sun. Farmers who long ago in northern Europe lived were relatively exposed to sunlight and thus received little vitamin D. That they were at increased risk of bone disorders.