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Melting snow moves Ebro 7

Get rid of fat in the belly and can be difficult sometimes boring . In this sense, I would like to give you some recommendations . The most important sport in the snow to melt . Therefore , you need to ‘s definitely a sport .

Pilates : This abdominal exercise , back strengthening and balance wins. Thus , your body is rapidly developing and strengthening exercises . After a few weeks you will see the start of the impact . Got to learn to belly before training . If we want to achieve more successful results , you must follow the rules of the sport . If you apply them , you’ll be closer to delicate stomach .
Summer is here , I can not give you a break for rehearsals . You can get into shape with palates training , the melting of snow 7 . Only 10 minutes a day is enough to distinguish . Ladies , it’s time to work …
Bunkum 90 degree angle with your knees , put your hands behind neck , elbows should be open . stomach and pull through thoroughly . In this position while breathing on your shoulders toward your knees , putting. Repeat 15 times .

Lie on your back for this exercise Refining waist , legs, knees bunkum , hands behind your neck , elbows open and should be away from the jaw. When every breath extending one leg with the other foot, knee cross near the upper part of your body slightly to the right , turn in the same direction . Repeat 6 times in both directions .

This training is suitable to dissolve oils , especially in the abdomen . Support your head with your hands . Elbows should be open until the end . Extend your feet . Take a breath , when head and knees together . When the feet to breathe in the open , must be harvested while . Repeat the movement 15 times .

Please refer to the position of sleeping on one’s back and legs, knees. The top portion of the stomach while breathing from the inside, keeping a back lift , the inner portion of the foot , a hand , take another wild side , extend the other leg . Change when your feet every breath . Both feet 5 times , for a total of 10 times , repeat .

Legs below the knees, inside the abdomen , eyes looking up , hands should be on the sides . feet breathe . Give up your breath while lifting one leg straight . Repeat 15 times in each direction with changing leg .

The train runs all the abdominal muscles , waist tenderness. Sit down , back straight , arms should be parallel to each other in the future , see. Take a breath in this position . Turn back sleeves , opened when sides . Turning to the first position , Repeat other direction . To 15 times .

Lie on your back , extend your legs straight upwards , sides , arms , stomach look right . Breathing 5 times , 5 times in the right place short of breath while pushing exercise . Your hands shake as water . If you have difficulties , you can exercise by bending your knees at an angle of 90 degrees . Repeat the movement 10 times .


Fitness water exercise

Dear ladies , but this time you point your health , fitness and weight loss , which is beneficial in terms of the type of talk .

recently spread to many types and actions . This is also the reason why people are looking for new methods rather than the old way .

The most widespread form of water. This method is very important for the formation and strengthening of the muscles . One of the main effects of the water the opposite effect of water power.

Water aerobics – This is the best way to ( Keeping of course ) . It is thought that the water in the mood , but also your body will have a positive impact. Water regulates blood circulation and gives a natural massage effect .

There are many types of water. The most widely water .

1 Running water – deep water in the process , it must be like running on a treadmill routine .

2 Walk on water – this is exactly the same as the actual escape .

3 Water jumps – depending on the type of movement in the water needs to be deep or middle class .

4 Water yeas – muscles should be designed to be tolerant .

5 Water stretching – stretching and strengthening muscles .

Karina Now you ‘ll be a new weight loss method :

” My name is Karina I fitness instructor on the water . Today I you a very simple method . Already begun beach season , this season, you are not only unpleasant , but also for the benefit of your own body and beauty can be affordable . Offshore , river , the lake , the pool while swimming is the best exercise you can without difficulty be very useful . , and so you ‘ll be able to release the excess weight and strengthen muscles .

When water moves more easily tired , not so quickly . Aerobic exercises with you , eliminating the resistance of the water , can raise tension and tone . water massage effect as well as to give. In general, the result will be positive .
To the waist in water for 10-15 seconds straight, keeping your feet in place while running up to the extreme . 4-6 times at intervals of half a minute of this ” race ” I repeat .

Home position – linger in the water . Float like a dog , his feet and waving your hands … The fast rhythm of the movements , the need to reduce the movement of swimming while swimming in a calm finish.

Linger on the back of your hands , and to impose on the floor ( it moves too shallow for swimming pools ) . Kəsisdirin keeping your feet flat on the upper right leg and sometimes in shifts , sometimes lift up the left leg of the ” scissors ” as is. Repeat this movement 10-15 times .

Swimming muscle , for the most impressive abdominal and hip movement. Get a ball in your hand and face forward into the water by a strong leg kicks .

Take a rest in the water , and soon there will be no trace of the.

Cycling to lose weight healthy

Bicycle has a very ancient history . The first pedal bike made in Scotland in 1839 .
Removed in 1960 and the first roller bicycles .
As we know cycling is one of the sport is a perfect tool to melt more calories . Azeri women, this is the perfect tool to use but we do not know quite a pity.

Become A Muscle Builder
Cycling women stay away from the vehicle as well as excellent sports and entertainment in one of the main reasons adults , relatives and your relatives , neighbors rumors run most of the chairs , I am not wrong .
Cycling for women is still considered as a move away from honest .
I would like to note that our brotherly country Turkey for a long time, thinking this ignorant ruled. Until, that is , until the establishment of the Republic .

In many countries, cycling is used as the most convenient means of transportation . Increasingly being invented for the convenience of people of different bicycles . There is so little bikes , they are located in the passenger car out of the truck . Folding bicycles are also opened . They are divided into just a few minutes and again it is possible to combine . These bikes are very suitable for the townspeople .

” Bicycle ” in Latin , ” ” means. It should be noted that the name of the first archeological justified itself . Still, the first competition was held in 1869 in France, a distance of 120km bike for that period of unprecedented speed – up to 11km per hour was achieved . Since then, various sports competitions in the current two-wheeled bikes on the highway ( road racing ) , valley – hill roads ( velour’s ) , custom bike stadiums () rapidly . They are the single undermanned and bicycle , as well as the two -seat bicycle – train .

Two-wheeled or three-wheeled bicycle pedal -driven machine. Master of serfs in Russia in the first two-wheeled bike and rudder rectified in 1801 . So ” samovar ” , ie ” self- moving ” they said. It really was as follows : sitting on the lid of the drive wheel connected to a bicycle pedal motion was. But fate was not successful . He was the Czar ‘s collection of rare things , and was soon forgotten . Later in 1801, the steering wheel and pedal bicycles appeared in Paris . Action brought by the driver to push the bike to the ground with the feet . In 1815, a German rudder bike , in the middle of the nineteenth century, prior to the wheel pedal bicycle built his compatriot .
Thus , the scheme returned to life again . At that time, bicycle wheels made of metal . Front wheel a man was tall . Since a large number of rods he seemed Wide Web . Therefore, the ” spider ” they said. The ” spider ” is exactly what happened twenty years of her life, similar to the structure and appearance of the new machine was replaced by the current bikes .

Since 1893, the world of cycling , and other competitions will be held in Europe . Bicycle racing was the first Olympic Games program . this type of sport is often the first Olympics . Bicycle program but remained unchanged in recent years . Go here to 1km sprint, march , march 4 km individual and team , and individual circular procession marched the team down the highway at a distance of 100 km .

Today, many of the developed countries to take the women’s cycling as a means of elegant and fun sport is valued and loved.

Lyme Disease Rash

Lyme disease is a condition acquired following a bite from a tick, and the classic Lyme disease rash follows up to four weeks after the initial bite has occurred.

About Lyme Disease

Lyme disease, less commonly known as ‘Borrelia’, is an infection which can affect the skin and occasionally cause serious illness of the nervous system, joints or heart. The bacteria which cause the disease are transmitted by an infected tick.

The ticks themselves are blood-sucking creatures known to live on deer, mice and other animals that live in wooded and grassy areas. Those who are bitten are commonly walkers and people who work in these environments. Lyme disease can cause symptoms affecting:

Skin – presenting with the initial bite and developing a rash over a period of weeks.
The Heart- including the risk of arrhythmia, inflammation of the heart tissue and heart failure.
Joints – a condition called ‘Lyme Arthritis’ can occur sometimes years after the initial bite. This condition is however rare.
The Nervous System – known as ‘neuro borellia’ a serious condition involving the nervous system is also one of the more serious effects of Lyme disease. This condition occurs between one and five weeks after the initial bite.

It is important not to assume that all tick bites automatically lead to the development of Lyme disease. It is only following the onset of unusual symptoms and medical advice that Lyme disease will be diagnosed or ruled out. Remeber also that if a rash develops even after a tick bite it may be due to a more common cause for a skin rash.

Effect of diabetes and pregnant women

High blood sugar and diabetes from all over the world is increasing rapidly . Growth in developed countries is higher. Hereditary disposition , high calorie and fat diet , sedentary lifestyle and excess weight are leading causes of the disease . According to the type of the disease and the patient’s level of sugar diabetes diet, sport and can be stored in the norm . At the same time , insulin therapy may be necessary .

2 kinds of blood sugar during pregnancy can be a problem . The first is whether patients with diabetes before pregnancy , then those who are pregnant , and the other during pregnancy , especially in the last 3 months of pregnancy due to changes in metabolism associated with the rise in blood sugar problem. I diabetes in pregnancy ( gestational ) is called.

Risk in women with diabetes is preparing to host size , depends on the control of blood sugar . Before pregnancy and during pregnancy , mothers with normal blood sugar level is stored in both the mother and the baby does not wait for the big danger .

How is the process of mothers with diabetes in pregnancy ?

Known in advance that the treatment of pregnant women with diabetes after the normal control of all body systems are in detail . Fundus examination and neurological testing . This kind of examination is often called upon to pregnant women . Inspections of each treatment control blood sugar , insulin is being re-evaluated . If the insulin dose should be increased again .

Miracle fruit , the fig

More than any other fruit contains fiber Fig . There is only 1 piece of dried figs containing 2 g of fiber , which is 20 percent of the daily requirement . Studies carried out in the last 10-15 years , found in foods of plant fibers was found to be very important for the proper functioning of the digestive system . Ingest the fiber helps digestion and is known to reduce the risk of some types of cancer .

Nutrition experts say fiber is an ideal way to increase the intake of figs . Soluble and insoluble fiber foods are divided into 2 groups . Insoluble fiber -rich foods , substances to be taken from the body of water by the intestine and makes it easier to pass . Thus , strengthening the digestive system , can work with on a regular basis .

At the same time , while insoluble fiber foods to reduce high blood cholesterol levels have been established for more than 20 percent . In this context, it is of great importance in reducing the risk of heart disease . If you have a large number of cholesterol in the blood , it accumulates in the blood vessels and hardening of blood vessels , causing narrowing . The body of the vessel , which accumulate cholesterol in the body causes diseases .

A combination of soluble and insoluble fiber is more suitable to prevent the formation of cancer . It is also very important for your health . Fig asthma, coughs and colds will be useful during the use of the fruit. Figs can be part of the diet at the same time . Figs contain a natural fat, cholesterol , sodium, and high fiber weight per cent of the food is suitable for people who want to give .

Also , unlike other fruits , figs have more mineral content . 40 g of the composition of figs , 244 mg potassium , 53 mg of calcium and 1.2 mg iron there. Percentage of calcium in the fruit of the orange , the second coming after Fig . Figs in a bowl , a cup of milk has the same amount of calcium .

Here we give the fig benefits too , is a sign of God ‘s mercy on human beings . Lord delightfully edible part of the fruit of human need , according to his health , which was presented in a balanced manner . In the Qur’an, remembrance of God, the fruit of a particular tree can be a sign that it is important for people . In terms of human health importance of food composition of figs , growing medical and technological means to prove , of course, the Qur’an is the word of God , which is one of the things .

Fig fastest way to help improve the long-term diseases , giving strength and power of a fruit. Eliminate physical and mental difficulties , gives the body energy and power . Figs are the most important food item , all the fruit is composed of 51-74 percent sugar .

Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Program Review

Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Workout – However, for this exercise should take into account a number of important factors and it is necessary first of all to your health.
Is This Program a Kyle Leon Scam?

All movement should be performed slowly and very smoothly, but for all this needs a very tight press. Muscle contraction is necessary to draw a belly and try to lower the ribs closer to the pelvis. Control your own breath, remember that for the starting position characteristic breath, for the job – exhale. In that case, if you have just recently started working with the fitball, and indeed, to monitor their health, jobs may be reduced to 15 (5 in three sets).

Gradually, however, need to increase the amount of exercise, it is desirable that this is done every day, and you would perform on two more exercises. Need to rest between sets about 1-2 minutes, but in the future will need to be phased out of rest between exercises?

The next exercise that helps develop the press and that requires a fitball – lifting the hips. This exercise helps to strengthen not only the entire abdominal muscles, but also the muscles of legs and buttocks. The initial position is similar to that which was used in the aforesaid exercise. Once you are in the rest position, you need to try to raise the pelvis and the ball closer to his feet with the help of socks.

Symptoms of people with COPD

240-360 g / m³: moderate response decrease of the lung capacity by an average of 5 to 15%, compared to an ozone sensitive individuals 10 to 30%; irritation of the eyes, nose and throat – regardless of physical exertion; coughing, chest pain and shortness of breath with ozone sensitive individuals;Is This Program a Kyle Leon Scam?

Symptoms of people with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease such as asthma and COPD) increase in severity and frequency.

More than 360 g / m³: severe response decrease of the lung capacity by an average of more than 15%, compared to an ozone sensitive individuals more than 30%; severe respiratory symptoms such as persistent cough, chest pain and shortness of breath;

possibly a feeling of discomfort, shortness of breath, headache, nausea and dizziness when ozone sensitive individuals; symptoms in people with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease such as asthma and COPD) participate widely in severity and frequency.

• Individuals with respiratory difficulties experienced faster. Children are more sensitive to ozone. Moreover, about ten percent of the population reacts much more severe ozone, for no apparent reason.

• Delivers a strenuous exercise in the outdoors? Then the ozone more effect on you. The effort accelerates your breathing and flowing more air through your lungs – and more ozone. The result: the likelihood of problems increases. Hence the advice to do with ozone peaks. Heavy efforts

Unconsciously eat more during use digital products

Unconsciously eat more during use digital products

Generally, people normally eat their food. But if you sit at the computer, sitting watching television or someone is talking, then people quickly tend to be more to eat. These people do it unconsciously but in a sense, this happens in many cases.

Introduction to Kyle Leon

The cause of this is that if several things are done right, the man tastes less flavor in the food, this study by Lotto van Dillon Leiden University and Reined of Wall Redbud University.

They have a number of subjects taken and these numbers and letters to remember, at the same time they have given you to eat these subjects lemonade sweet or sour lemon juice and snacks.

In the tests always different numbers and letter sequences were given. It added they had different types of food and drink given as variations in fresh, salt and acidity.

The more the subjects had to remember how they were going to taste faintly. Eating and drinking They ate at the times that they had to remember more and more they preferred sweeter and salty food. According to researchers, all this is because the brains of humans begin to focus less on the flavors of food. During multitask A fairly large amount of people think that the power is not big enough for that bag of chips to leave.



This is certainly not, this bowl is that people are going to do too much and then they add unconsciously e.g. more salt to eat yet to taste anything.

Prevent the fall of the immune system

we are so ready for new challenges, which initially brings the month of September.Summer – it is usually associated with sun, sea, vacation. This is the time when people newly recharge your batteries and we are so ready for new challenges, which initially brings the month of September. But this is far from bringing an increase in our immune system. However, if you follow a few tips that offered by the article, you are good to go.

Is This Program a Kyle Leon Scam?

First of all, what is an immune system? Namely, the set of organs and cells that protect the body against foreign bodies – antigens. “These are manifold,” says Vida Tršan, dr. between. spec. spl. between ., “most commonly, bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites. But may also include other foreign matter – drugs, chemicals, pollen, as well as our own and foreign cells.


“Its mission is to prevent the entry of germs into the body and destroy those foreign nationals who enter into it, or in other words – is immune resistance to disease ( m). Disturbances in the function of the immune system, as said Tršanova may indicate in two ways: by the excessive activity (allergic and autoimmune diseases, such as. Multiple sclerosis), or as an immune deficiency, which may be congenital or acquired. And the latter is “a result of certain diseases (AIDS, lymphoma, leukemia), drugs (cytostatics, corticosteroids, radiation) and the stress of the situation threatened the balance of which agents are psychological and physiological stress factors or environmental influences.” And how often comes to the fall of the immune system?

He says that “people often complain of fatigue, congestion, dizziness, classic examples of the fall of the immune system with repeated infections is less.”So stress is one of the greatest enemies of the immune system. There are positive that occurs when our capacity is greater than the requirements, and negative, which occurs when the fulfillment of certain requirements we do not have enough power / knowledge / skills. For us, the latter is dangerous, even more so when we are exposed to on a daily basis (eg at work).


Luckily against this scourge, there is a solution. We can use a natural sedative drugs (from valerian or Valerie, Lemon balm, peppermint), which have no side effects do not cause dependency and termination of their taking appears withdrawal syndrome. Tršanova also says that “definitely recommend pre-treatment with natural tranquilizers at least about the appropriate way of life.”

Fresh vegetables, meat and movement

What can be done to prevent the fall of the immune system? The first rule – a healthy diet is to strengthen the body’s resistance is essential. Probably no one, or you hope very rare that you have not heard that you need to enjoy a lot, “especially seasonal fruits and vegetables,” says Vida Tršan. The emphasis is on fresh, for processing, storing and cooking destroy the beneficial substances in this kind of food.



Errors could also act if fruits and vegetables chopped and left to stand for a long time – vitamins thereby lose and if not, we will not be able to benefit. And if you love boiled, cook as little time and with as little water as it will lose fewer nutrients than usual. The diet should also not be missing nuts, seeds and whole-grain. Every day it is advisable to have garlic on the menu, which strengthens the immune system and also Vitamin C. Recommended daily allowance of the vitamin is from 1500 mg to 2000 mg, eg at least six lemons, since it is one containing 250 mg.