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Cocaine User enjoy less social contact

Cocaine User enjoy less social contact
People who regularly use cocaine may difficult to empathize with others and make themselves less socially on. Scientists have now discovered why that is: social contacts gives cocaine users is not that nice, rewarding feeling that can be experienced non-cocaine users.

Researchers from the University of Zurich gathered a number of subjects: part of regularly used cocaine, the other subjects did not use drugs. Next, the researchers conducted a series of experiments. They watched the subjects responded to joint attention. We speak of shared attention when people look after they have looked at each other along the same object.

Normally this gives people a good feeling. But that showed cocaine users to be different. Joint attention was less rewarding for them than for people who did not use drugs.

In the brains, the researchers looked for an explanation and scanned the brains of subjects. They discovered that the medial orbit frontal cortex – a key part of the reward – was less active in cocaine users.

That the reduced activity of this part of the brain lay behind the fact that the subjects were social contacts less happy evident from the fact that people with limited activity in the medial orbit frontal cortex also had fewer social contacts in recent weeks had.


Milk is a source of vitamin D and calcium

Milk is a source of vitamin D and calcium. So when people were up in old age are able to drink milk yielded a higher survival rate (and therefore a large evolutionary advantage).

It sounds very plausible, but a new study this hypothesis slicing spuds. Scientists collected DNA from the first farmers who lived in sunny Spain and compared it with the DNA of modern Spanish.
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The study shows that the ability to drink milk is on this sunny place just as quickly spread as places where one catches less sunlight.

It suggests that a lack of sunlight is not the driving force behind this skill. Thus, there is playing (yet) for something else. What? Those researchers do not yet know.

Jet lag medicine can be prescribed to people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: disorders in which the day-night rhythm can also be disrupted.
The study has several implications.

“This research may help us understand the negative effects of shift work, jet lag and other conditions in which the sleep rhythm is disturbed,” thinks investigator Derk-Jan Disk.

“The results also suggest that sleep and wake times can be used to influence processes in the body and that can be quite relevant for situations where it is day and night rhythm changes, such as when we get older Use”

Evolutionary advantage of drinking milk remains a mystery

Evolutionary advantage of drinking milk remains a mystery
Milk is good for all, so we. Learned But only a small part of the world can – drink milk without flatulence and cramps – due to strong natural selection.\

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The question that scientists engaged for years, is: what is the great evolutionary advantage drinking milk? A new survey sweeps now what time it most likely answer to that question was off the table.

Most people soon after they get more lactose not breast – the main sugar in milk – digest more. They will then be lactose intolerant. Once they drink milk, they suffer from cramps, bloating and flatulence.

Milk Drinkers
Around one third of the world – primarily people whose ancestors from Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South Asia come – will not be bothered by. These people even when they get older just keep drinking milk. Previous research has shown that people in different parts of the world have developed this skill independently.

That suggests that behind the development of this skill lies a strong natural selection and that drinking milk in these areas has a strong evolutionary advantage. But what advantage is that?
… Ortiz was lactose intolerant?
The sun is one of the most plausible hypotheses states that it has everything to do with the sun. Farmers who long ago in northern Europe lived were relatively exposed to sunlight and thus received little vitamin D. That they were at increased risk of bone disorders.

The cause of jetlag

To a disturbed day and night rhythm to walk on you need not necessarily have to travel to the other side of the world: even in your own home the rhythm can be disrupted. For example if your daily activities are contrary to your day and night. We speak also of a social jetlag.
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Not so crazy
“We have discovered a system that prevents the body clock adapts,” says researcher Stuart Pierson. “If you think about it, such a system is not such a bad idea; it makes the clock more stable.” Thanks to the mechanism of the body clock day and night rhythm governs we cannot median all winds.

“The clock must be sure that the signal it receives, right. And if that signal several days in a row pops up at the same time, it probably is true. But that same mechanism also ensures that we cannot adapt so quickly to a new time zone, and thus causes the jet lag. ”
And the study of mice shows that it is possible to impose SIK1. Silent could there finally an effective cure for jet lag on the market can come?

“We are still a few years away from a treatment for jet lag, but understanding the mechanisms that day and night rhythm generating us and arrange, can help us to develop again put our bodies on a par with the solar cycle medications , “says researcher Russell Foster. Such drugs could not be used against the jetlag.

Our pupils also be greater if we imagine that it’s pitch black

Our pupils also be greater if we imagine that it’s pitch black
When light falls in our eyes, our pupils become smaller and in the dark, our pupils bigger. That’s nothing new. What is new, however, is a study which shows that our pupils also exhibit this behavior if we imagine that it is very light and pitch dark.

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The researchers had subjects look at a screen that appeared triangles. The triangles differed in brightness. After the subjects were instructed to imagine certain triangles again The researchers found that when the size of the pupils of the subjects were different:

they thought back to a very bright triangle over their pupils were smaller than when they thought of a less bright triangle. In other words, our pupils not only real light, but also imaginary light adapt.

Further experiments endorse that. For example, the subjects were instructed to imagine themselves in a sunny day, a dark room, a face in full sun or a face in shadow, and each time changed the pupils in size along.

The researchers suggest that people the size of their pupils cannot control. That the size of the pupils is also changing as they imagine something, suggests that mental imagery (which one is in the main a picture of something is) is based on processes in the brain that are similar to the processes involved when we actually see something.

Objects quickly and accurately appoint fifties already difficult

Objects quickly and accurately appoint fifties already difficult
New researches show that quickly and accurately naming objects shown since our fiftieth more difficult. It takes more than time to come. The name of the object
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Write that Belgian scientists in the journal of the International Neuropsychological Society. They base their conclusion on an experiment.
The researchers gather a group of subjects consisted of people of different ages. The subjects were shown pictures. Objects The researchers looked at how quickly the subjects reacted and how accurate were their answers.

The research shows that subjects who were just in the fifties required considerably more time had been to appoint than people in their twenties or thirties an object. People in the sixties and seventies were not only much slower but gave objects regularly wrong names.

It is unclear how it is that people have more difficulty getting around their fiftieth by naming objects. Maybe change the language skills of people. But maybe it does nothing with those language skills to make and all other physical factors that people sit in naming objects in the ways

The current generations are so familiar with the computer that she means it in an informal way, trial-and-error learning control. That is very different from the past, when people learned to type learning. Their main keyboard initially

Baggage checkers see the craziest forbidden objects on the head

Baggage checkers see the craziest forbidden objects on the head
Imagine: you can rotate a day at the airport, as baggage inspector.

And so, you can send an entire day to a screen on which X-ray images of luggage passing by, looking for prohibited items such as weapons, explosives and scissors. Apple, egg? You’d think! New research shows that the rarest objects illegal in most cases – overlooked – even though you are actively looking for.
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Write researchers in the journal Psychological Science . They base their results on a game for Smartphone: Airport Scanner . In this game, players need to check baggage and virtual prohibited items as explosives, weapons, large bottles of liquid and scissors detect.

The researchers analyzed the games had people between December 2012 and March 2013 played. They examined how often players had succeeded 78 prohibited objects – detect -. Some of which are very frequently and others rarely emerged in suitcases
A screenshot of the game Airport Scanner.
A screenshot of the game Airport Scanner.

The subjects were found to have particularly detecting illicit objects popping up in little suitcases much trouble. Of the 78 items, there were thirty less than 0.15 percent of the time appeared.

These objects did subjects in 73 percent of cases overlooked. Objects that more than one percent of the time emerged, whereas they did in 92 percent of cases to detect.

4. Scientists have developed a bra with sensors in it

Bra with sensors provides support to emotion-eater
Scientists have developed a bra with sensors in it. The bra is designed for emotional eaters. The sensors measure the stress level of the woman.

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And once that stress level is too high, they warned that the chance that they would soon enjoy her emotions tend to eat away.

The bra in question contains two sensors. One measures the heart rate and monitors the breathing in the holes. The other measures the skin conductance. The data is transmitted to the wearer of the bra. They can be viewed with the help of a special Smartphone app.

The choice of a bra to stop, the sensors is somewhere logical. The sensors are located close to the heart, so that the measurements are very solid.

Experiments with the bra are promising Four women wearing the bra for four days four to six hours per day. During that time they did regularly report their emotions. These reports put the researchers in addition to the data that was gathered bra. It showed that the bra particularly well was able to determine how stressed women were.

The researchers want to demonstrate their studies that it is possible to develop people’s emotions monitors and makes them aware of those emotions. A mobile, portable system This can be very useful, for example, emotion-eaters. “Our goal is to intervene before someone reaches for the food.”

Traditional female means to deal with stress

Nevertheless, try to concentrate only on its internal state. Try at this time not to think, let the thoughts flow freely. If it is not, then feel about something pleasant as possible for you, for example, on a date with someone you love or calm music that plays in the background. After a while you will feel irritation and fatigue leave you.

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Shopping – Traditional female means to deal with stress – it’s shopping. Highlight this time, ideally all day, but if you do not have much free time, then at least one evening. You need to buy something expensive to treat yourself: it may be a new dress or an inexpensive but delicious delicacy that you’ve always wanted to try.

It can be a toy for your child or any gift to her husband, imagine how your family will be happy when they get it from you.

At the end of shopping you can quite afford to spend some time with a cup of coffee or tea at your favorite cafe. Take time for yourself – it will be easier to forget your failures and get away from irritants.

Chocolate – So the perfect way to relax is to put a piece of chocolate under the tongue and feel as it slowly melts in your mouth, while the chemical reaction of the body will give you a feeling of euphoria small. Just be careful with portions of chocolate – high-calorie product, but 25 g every woman can afford without fear.

some simple ways to relieve stress

Here are some simple ways to relieve stress, which are suitable for any woman.
Athletics – Physical activity is a great way to deal with stress. Work out: take a evening jog, go to the gym and beat a punching bag or roll the pedal simulator – it is useful not only to improve the figures, but also for the mental state.
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Conclusions of a number of independent studies have confirmed that people who lead an active lifestyle and who exercise regularly are more resistant to irritants and less prone to stress, it is easier to cope with difficult situations. Regular exercise gives people confidence in their own abilities, contribute to raising the self-esteem and help to keep a good mood even in the most difficult situations.

Meditation – It is best to practice meditation at home, where no one will disturb you, and where you will be in familiar surroundings. Tune in to the pleasant for you wave, create an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility, for example, light candles or incense for you with a pleasant aroma.

Turn on slow music and be sure to unplug the phone – all the important calls you can quite afford to answer in half an hour.

Next, you should close your eyes and focus on your breathing: breathe deeply and steadily, try to turn away from your everyday problems. Of course, the first time will be difficult because everyday problems often completely engross our minds and do not give to relax.