Melting snow moves Ebro 7

Get rid of fat in the belly and can be difficult sometimes boring . In this sense, I would like to give you some recommendations . The most important sport in the snow to melt . Therefore , you need to ‘s definitely a sport .

Pilates : This abdominal exercise , back strengthening and balance wins. Thus , your body is rapidly developing and strengthening exercises . After a few weeks you will see the start of the impact . Got to learn to belly before training . If we want to achieve more successful results , you must follow the rules of the sport . If you apply them , you’ll be closer to delicate stomach .
Summer is here , I can not give you a break for rehearsals . You can get into shape with palates training , the melting of snow 7 . Only 10 minutes a day is enough to distinguish . Ladies , it’s time to work …
Bunkum 90 degree angle with your knees , put your hands behind neck , elbows should be open . stomach and pull through thoroughly . In this position while breathing on your shoulders toward your knees , putting. Repeat 15 times .

Lie on your back for this exercise Refining waist , legs, knees bunkum , hands behind your neck , elbows open and should be away from the jaw. When every breath extending one leg with the other foot, knee cross near the upper part of your body slightly to the right , turn in the same direction . Repeat 6 times in both directions .

This training is suitable to dissolve oils , especially in the abdomen . Support your head with your hands . Elbows should be open until the end . Extend your feet . Take a breath , when head and knees together . When the feet to breathe in the open , must be harvested while . Repeat the movement 15 times .

Please refer to the position of sleeping on one’s back and legs, knees. The top portion of the stomach while breathing from the inside, keeping a back lift , the inner portion of the foot , a hand , take another wild side , extend the other leg . Change when your feet every breath . Both feet 5 times , for a total of 10 times , repeat .

Legs below the knees, inside the abdomen , eyes looking up , hands should be on the sides . feet breathe . Give up your breath while lifting one leg straight . Repeat 15 times in each direction with changing leg .

The train runs all the abdominal muscles , waist tenderness. Sit down , back straight , arms should be parallel to each other in the future , see. Take a breath in this position . Turn back sleeves , opened when sides . Turning to the first position , Repeat other direction . To 15 times .

Lie on your back , extend your legs straight upwards , sides , arms , stomach look right . Breathing 5 times , 5 times in the right place short of breath while pushing exercise . Your hands shake as water . If you have difficulties , you can exercise by bending your knees at an angle of 90 degrees . Repeat the movement 10 times .


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