Fitness water exercise

Dear ladies , but this time you point your health , fitness and weight loss , which is beneficial in terms of the type of talk .

recently spread to many types and actions . This is also the reason why people are looking for new methods rather than the old way .

The most widespread form of water. This method is very important for the formation and strengthening of the muscles . One of the main effects of the water the opposite effect of water power.

Water aerobics – This is the best way to ( Keeping of course ) . It is thought that the water in the mood , but also your body will have a positive impact. Water regulates blood circulation and gives a natural massage effect .

There are many types of water. The most widely water .

1 Running water – deep water in the process , it must be like running on a treadmill routine .

2 Walk on water – this is exactly the same as the actual escape .

3 Water jumps – depending on the type of movement in the water needs to be deep or middle class .

4 Water yeas – muscles should be designed to be tolerant .

5 Water stretching – stretching and strengthening muscles .

Karina Now you ‘ll be a new weight loss method :

” My name is Karina I fitness instructor on the water . Today I you a very simple method . Already begun beach season , this season, you are not only unpleasant , but also for the benefit of your own body and beauty can be affordable . Offshore , river , the lake , the pool while swimming is the best exercise you can without difficulty be very useful . , and so you ‘ll be able to release the excess weight and strengthen muscles .

When water moves more easily tired , not so quickly . Aerobic exercises with you , eliminating the resistance of the water , can raise tension and tone . water massage effect as well as to give. In general, the result will be positive .
To the waist in water for 10-15 seconds straight, keeping your feet in place while running up to the extreme . 4-6 times at intervals of half a minute of this ” race ” I repeat .

Home position – linger in the water . Float like a dog , his feet and waving your hands … The fast rhythm of the movements , the need to reduce the movement of swimming while swimming in a calm finish.

Linger on the back of your hands , and to impose on the floor ( it moves too shallow for swimming pools ) . Kəsisdirin keeping your feet flat on the upper right leg and sometimes in shifts , sometimes lift up the left leg of the ” scissors ” as is. Repeat this movement 10-15 times .

Swimming muscle , for the most impressive abdominal and hip movement. Get a ball in your hand and face forward into the water by a strong leg kicks .

Take a rest in the water , and soon there will be no trace of the.


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