Cycling to lose weight healthy

Bicycle has a very ancient history . The first pedal bike made in Scotland in 1839 .
Removed in 1960 and the first roller bicycles .
As we know cycling is one of the sport is a perfect tool to melt more calories . Azeri women, this is the perfect tool to use but we do not know quite a pity.

Become A Muscle Builder
Cycling women stay away from the vehicle as well as excellent sports and entertainment in one of the main reasons adults , relatives and your relatives , neighbors rumors run most of the chairs , I am not wrong .
Cycling for women is still considered as a move away from honest .
I would like to note that our brotherly country Turkey for a long time, thinking this ignorant ruled. Until, that is , until the establishment of the Republic .

In many countries, cycling is used as the most convenient means of transportation . Increasingly being invented for the convenience of people of different bicycles . There is so little bikes , they are located in the passenger car out of the truck . Folding bicycles are also opened . They are divided into just a few minutes and again it is possible to combine . These bikes are very suitable for the townspeople .

” Bicycle ” in Latin , ” ” means. It should be noted that the name of the first archeological justified itself . Still, the first competition was held in 1869 in France, a distance of 120km bike for that period of unprecedented speed – up to 11km per hour was achieved . Since then, various sports competitions in the current two-wheeled bikes on the highway ( road racing ) , valley – hill roads ( velour’s ) , custom bike stadiums () rapidly . They are the single undermanned and bicycle , as well as the two -seat bicycle – train .

Two-wheeled or three-wheeled bicycle pedal -driven machine. Master of serfs in Russia in the first two-wheeled bike and rudder rectified in 1801 . So ” samovar ” , ie ” self- moving ” they said. It really was as follows : sitting on the lid of the drive wheel connected to a bicycle pedal motion was. But fate was not successful . He was the Czar ‘s collection of rare things , and was soon forgotten . Later in 1801, the steering wheel and pedal bicycles appeared in Paris . Action brought by the driver to push the bike to the ground with the feet . In 1815, a German rudder bike , in the middle of the nineteenth century, prior to the wheel pedal bicycle built his compatriot .
Thus , the scheme returned to life again . At that time, bicycle wheels made of metal . Front wheel a man was tall . Since a large number of rods he seemed Wide Web . Therefore, the ” spider ” they said. The ” spider ” is exactly what happened twenty years of her life, similar to the structure and appearance of the new machine was replaced by the current bikes .

Since 1893, the world of cycling , and other competitions will be held in Europe . Bicycle racing was the first Olympic Games program . this type of sport is often the first Olympics . Bicycle program but remained unchanged in recent years . Go here to 1km sprint, march , march 4 km individual and team , and individual circular procession marched the team down the highway at a distance of 100 km .

Today, many of the developed countries to take the women’s cycling as a means of elegant and fun sport is valued and loved.


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