Miracle fruit , the fig

More than any other fruit contains fiber Fig . There is only 1 piece of dried figs containing 2 g of fiber , which is 20 percent of the daily requirement . Studies carried out in the last 10-15 years , found in foods of plant fibers was found to be very important for the proper functioning of the digestive system . Ingest the fiber helps digestion and is known to reduce the risk of some types of cancer .

Nutrition experts say fiber is an ideal way to increase the intake of figs . Soluble and insoluble fiber foods are divided into 2 groups . Insoluble fiber -rich foods , substances to be taken from the body of water by the intestine and makes it easier to pass . Thus , strengthening the digestive system , can work with on a regular basis .

At the same time , while insoluble fiber foods to reduce high blood cholesterol levels have been established for more than 20 percent . In this context, it is of great importance in reducing the risk of heart disease . If you have a large number of cholesterol in the blood , it accumulates in the blood vessels and hardening of blood vessels , causing narrowing . The body of the vessel , which accumulate cholesterol in the body causes diseases .

A combination of soluble and insoluble fiber is more suitable to prevent the formation of cancer . It is also very important for your health . Fig asthma, coughs and colds will be useful during the use of the fruit. Figs can be part of the diet at the same time . Figs contain a natural fat, cholesterol , sodium, and high fiber weight per cent of the food is suitable for people who want to give .

Also , unlike other fruits , figs have more mineral content . 40 g of the composition of figs , 244 mg potassium , 53 mg of calcium and 1.2 mg iron there. Percentage of calcium in the fruit of the orange , the second coming after Fig . Figs in a bowl , a cup of milk has the same amount of calcium .

Here we give the fig benefits too , is a sign of God ‘s mercy on human beings . Lord delightfully edible part of the fruit of human need , according to his health , which was presented in a balanced manner . In the Qur’an, remembrance of God, the fruit of a particular tree can be a sign that it is important for people . In terms of human health importance of food composition of figs , growing medical and technological means to prove , of course, the Qur’an is the word of God , which is one of the things .

Fig fastest way to help improve the long-term diseases , giving strength and power of a fruit. Eliminate physical and mental difficulties , gives the body energy and power . Figs are the most important food item , all the fruit is composed of 51-74 percent sugar .


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